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"New York Agriculture, Standing Strong!"

Agriculture, New York State’s #1 industry! The NYSAAF Agricultural Awareness program provides support to the local County Fairs to showcase New York’s best in agriculture and livestock.

Each year the program goal is to make funds available to Fairs to create exhibits or facility improvements that support agriculture during their annual events. These funds enable the local Fair to present something about New York agriculture with an emphasis on education and product promotion in the local area. With the support of the people, the local Fair is the showcase.

In 2020 there are ten (10) Fairs eligible for the program they are;

Afton Fair, Afton, NY, July 9-12, will showcase their cattle show by enhancing the experience with a new sound system for better show operations. The Altamont Fair, Altamont, NY August 18-23, is showcasing “Nutrition in Agriculture”. This exhibit qwll focus on the importance of agriculture and how it affect our nutrition. The need for farmers and what they produce for the consumer. At the Broome County Fair, Whitney Point, NY, July 28-August 2, knows the importance of proper hygiene when encountering animals. The new handwashing stations will encourage guest to wash their hands when petting the animals. At the Essex County Fair, Westport, NY, August 19-23, will feature a new educational display with “Fun Facts” for veggies and dairy. These displays would explain the importance of these products in a balanced diet. The displays will be in the Garden area as well as in the Cattle Barn area. On your visit to the Hemlock Fair, Hemlock, NY, July 21-25 a new exhibit will highlight the importance of Livingston County Agriculture. They are partnering with Cornell Cooperative Extension to showcase hands-on interactivities for youth. They will include some ‘make & Take’ projects for the kids. Agriculture and the food that is produce in the county will be the featured exhibit at the Otsego County Fair, Morris, NY, August 4-9. This exhibit will provide educational opportunities for fairgoers to learn where their food really comes from and will located in the livestock are at the Fair. During the Schaghticoke Fair, Schaghticoke, NY, September 2-7, a livestream experience will take place of the Birthing Center at the New York State Fair. See cattle giving birth in the repurposed milking parlor in the “Agriculture Awareness Building, 2020”. A new exhibit at the Seneca County Fair, Waterloo, NY, July 15-18, will showcase Seneca County agriculture at its best. Important facts about, numbers of animals, species, crop acres grown in the regions. Agriculture is important to the economic impact growth of Seneca County. The Trumansburg Fair, Trumansburg, NY, August 25-30 will feature an exhibit on the fiber commodity. Included in the exhibit will be how the animals fiber are transformed and made into clothes we wear. Plan to stop by and see how the clothes we wear daily are made. At the Wyoming County Fair, Pike, NY, August 15-22, is repurposing a building in the an “Agriculture Expositions Center.” This renovation will be outfitted with the latest in technologies and sound enhancements to provide a quality experience for everyone attending the Fair.

Whatever your destination is throughout New York, you will find a County Fair which will peak your interest. Be sure to stop by and visit one of the 52 Fairs in New York. They will provide you and your family with a fun time, positive experience and some insight into where your family’s food comes from, how it is grown, harvested and marketed. As people of this great State, we are proud to keep the tradition of agriculture and the State & County Fair “Standing Strong!”

Enjoy the Fair season, see you at a Fair!