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New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs


New York State Showpeople’s Association

2018 Scholarship Winners:

Grace Harrigan - Franklin County Fair
Danielle DelConte - Oswego County Fair
Liam Sayward - Clinton County Fair
Emily Lyman - Allegany County Fair
Elizabeth Maslyn - Ontario County Fair
Megan Stang - Cattaraugus County Fair
Lauren Clark - Jefferson County Fair     
Bridey Nolan - Washington County Fair
April Gokey - Franklin County Fair 
Patrick Coombe - Grahamsville Little World’s Fair
Carstan Hohenboken - Wayne County Fair - Fair Manger’s Award Winner

 2018 Scholarship Application.... Click here to print

To provide financial assistance to those high school and college students who have been active in their local Fairs or the NYSSA and who intend to pursue or who are pursuing higher education.

         Up to seven (7) $1,000 scholarships to be awarded for 2018.

Applicant must be in his/her senior year of high school in New York State or be a New York State resident already attending college and planning to pursue or already pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning.

Applications must be downloaded from the NYSAAF website,, completed by the student, printed out, signed by the applicant and a parent or guardian, and then submitted to one of our Member Fairs or to the NYSSA for endorsement. Contact information must include cell phone number. Handwritten applications will not be considered.  Students should be sure to contact their local fairs in advance to confirm membership in our organization and office hours.  A complete list of our members can be found on our website.

Selection Process
A selection committee will determine the year’s scholarship recipients.

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

Student to Member Fair by 2nd Friday in April
Member Fair to District Director by  3rd Friday in April
District Director to Executive Secretary by May 4, 2018
Executive Secretary to Committee Chairperson by May 11, 2018

Selection Committee
The Scholarship Selection Committee will be comprised of the immediate past president, the second past president and three members selected by the President at the annual convention of the New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs.  The three selected members shall be from different districts within the New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs, each serving a three-year term (one new member selected each year).  Chairperson position will be given to the selected committee member having one year of service remaining of the three-year term.

Committee Responsibilities
Selection Committee members will each be provided copies of all application documents.  They will rate each applicant and forward their ratings to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson on the forms provided.  The Chairperson will total all ballots and provide each member a copy of the individual and total results.  Recipients will be determined by the highest totals.  The decision of the Scholarship Committee will be final.

Chairperson Responsibilities
The Chairperson will provide each committee member with a Score Sheet for the tabulation.  S/he will transmit copies of all applications, secure the individual rankings and provide each member a copy of the combined rankings.  The Chairperson will advise the nominating fair and the appropriate District Director of a winning applicant.  The Chairperson will request checks from the Association Treasurer payable to the recipient and have checks forwarded to the respective individuals after their proof of completion of the Fall semester has been received.

2018 Chairperson: Jane Luskin
NYSAAF Scholarship Committee
349 Johnsonville Road,
Valley Falls, NY 12185

Selection Schedule

  1. Application packets will be available for all Member Fairs at the annual January convention with their convention envelopes.
  2. Applicants must download their application forms from the NYSAAF website,
  3. Member Fairs must submit applications to their respective District Directors who, along with NYSSA, will select 3 applications and send them to the Executive Secretary during the period prior to May 8, 2018.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will make its selections between May 15 and June 15 and advise the nominating fairs prior to July 1, 2018.
  5. Scholarship award letters will be mailed to the nominating fairs/NYSSA in enough time to allow presentation to be made during the annual fair or event.
  6. Scholarship checks will be mailed for use in the 2nd semester.  Checks will not be mailed until a transcript of the 1st semester has been received by the Committee Chairperson.

Each fair or NYSSA that has a scholarship winner will be asked to submit to the NYSAAF Executive Secretary a brief bio and photo of the winner.  These will appear in the NYSAAF newsletter.



Helpful Documents:

General Information Sheet For School/College Guidance Counselors

• General Information Sheet for Member Fairs and NYSSA


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